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Feature writing & blogging

We write in-depth, finely researched features for magazines, newspapers, websites and corporate publications.


Trish specialises in lifestyle, beauty, cosmetics, fragrance, women's issues and France. She is the France-based correspondent for the industry newsletter Cosmetic News Weekly, and created the beauty & fragrance blog Cosmetopica, which carries news, reviews, features and profiles. And she blogs about women's issues and lifestyle subjects at her other blog, SecondCherry.

Trish is the author of two books: Make Do & Cook, published by WebVivant Press, and Living in France, published by Harriman House. 

Elsevier journals

Steve specialises in IT and technology, particularly information security - hacking, cybercrime, cyberwar and Internet security. He is the editor of the Elsevier journals, Network Security and Computer Fraud & Security. He blogs and podcasts about IT and information security at ContraRisk. And he's a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

Steve is the author of two novels - Lady Caine and Black Project - and three non-fiction aviation photography books.

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Editorial & stock photography

Commissioned and stock photography, either direct from us or via Alamy.

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